I feel a little hesitant about the title, ‘we are how we move’, because I know, we are more than our bodies.  A paradox is often hard for the mind to manage. Yet there seems to be a bounty of evidence also that our bodies do not lie. Body language often reveals how we feel even if our words don’t match. So, I think we can learn something about ourselves by being mindful of our posture and how we are moving throughout the day. I endeavor through our yoga practices to help us become more in tune with our bodies, to be aware of healthy alignment of bones, healthy balance in the workings of muscle groups and being aware of the quality of our breath. It often happens that as a result of aligning the body, the mind comes back in line, it settles down.  Bringing this awareness into the present, into the body has a calming effect on the mind and through the process our life. Sometimes it seems like magic!

The Magic of Mindfulnesspause, take 30 seconds and feel your feet on the floor, feel your breath and look at whatever is in front of you as if for the first time.

Sometimes it helps to turn the view Upside down. Our perspective changes!

In Joy,