What is Freedom? Is it when we are free to be in fully in the present? When we are not prisoners of the past or future? Or prisoners of our thoughts and emotions?

I have been working lately in my yoga practice and classes, reflecting on the following quote by BKS Iyengar, from his book, Light on Life,…

Extension is attention. Expansion is awareness. Extension and expansion bring space. Space brings freedom.

On the level of the body this is very clear. Change can be seen, felt and is measurable.

Can we take that further?

Can we see that ‘attention and awareness’, also lead to space in the mind,  where the mind is receptive, with no resistance and division?

And can we feel that ‘attention and awareness’ lead to space in the heart, where the heart is open and expansive?

This space in the mind and heart lead to freedom, the ability to be fully in the present.

If this is so, then when we begin at the level of the body, extending and expanding, we are simultaneously, extending and expanding the mind and heart.

Have confidence in your practice, every little step, little bit of new space makes all the difference. You are on the right path to freedom.

Enjoy your journey!