Last year I had the Five Perfections pinned to the wall temporarily as   food for thought. They received quite a few comments from students.

So, now in the yoga studio those five perfections have found their home in a banner, welcoming everyone back after the summer break.

The Five Perfections are also called the Five Certainties.

They are so relevant to our yoga practice and to our very life. Working with them, cultivates a sense of trust in nature. Trust in what is. They purify our perceptions and serve to open the heart and mind.

Whole books have been written on this but here is a snapshot.

Perfect Time – Now

Perfect Place – Here, wherever I am .

Perfect Teaching – The present situation, challenge is what I need.

Perfect Teacher – The ultimate teacher comes to us in various forms, always here and now, right in front of us.

Perfect Student – this is often the most difficult to accept. Our inner critical can often be heard to say , ”Who me? No way.” But yes, all of us have everything we need inside to be Perfect students. Doubt is natural, it occurs and it can keep us from doing the good we could do. Notice when it arises, see it for what it is, come back to the present, in this perfect time, place, situation, and say to yourself, yes, I can learn from this.