Yoga classes had been on hold from Mid March until Mid June this year. Some students have returned this summer to classes but many have not yet been able to join us. Based on the current reality of social distancing there is no way to accommodate everyone in the space we have. We only have room for four people. Seeing that so many people are still missing out on this healing art, has prompted me to rethink my aversion to teaching online classes.

In the yoga sutras, aversion and attachment are written about as a source of suffering. My experience certainly suggests that as well. My aversion to teaching online, has left me disconnected from peers, friends and students. As I was reflecting on all of this, an article about mental health passed through my radar and it reminded me of the importance of staying connected to others for both our mental and physical health. Nothing I didn’t already know, but I think I just kept hoping things would go back to the way they were. In the spirit of embracing the Now, I am focused on what is happening now, being creative, vulnerable and finding new ways to stay connected. So, I think I finally received that message. I hear you!

So with that simple introduction, I am happy to announce that Online yoga classes are in the works and will be starting in September. There are pros and cons to this format but we will focus on the good things and find out ways to work through the challenges. I am ready and so excited to be exploring and offering Yoga in this new way with you, in addition to the in person classes and privates.

I look forward to reconnecting with you all. Details will be coming soon!

Yours in the Light of Yoga, Marilyn