One way to explain this, is that we have created during our life, patterns of responses. When we get squeezed what comes out is what’s inside.

To change these patterns requires awareness and paying attention does take some effort. We need to create space or a pause between the stimulus and the response, so we can make better choices.

This is where the practice of Yoga and Meditation comes in as we literally begin Re-Wiring Our Brain. Yoga and Meditation helps us learn to create space in our body and in our mind.

Our Life is largely a reflection of what is going on inside. Neuroscience has made many inroads in clarifying the connections between the body, the brain, the mind, our consciousness and how we process our life experiences.

This is exciting as it is affirming that we can Re-wire our brain through practice of yoga and meditation and improve the quality of our life.

Yoga and Meditation were designed to lead us to a state of wholeness.

The mind, the body and the spirit are not mutually exclusive but rather forever bound. If we can imagine our Tail Bone as being the Root of the Brain, we can begin to see how everything is connected.

The practice of Yoga engages the whole self in the present moment.

When the fluctuations, the fight or flight activity of the mind ceases, we will be happier, more resilient, more creative,  more compassionate, and have more energy.

Life is better when our brain works better.