First of all let us consider that: Alignment = Energy

When we are not aligned we leak energy.

There are different alignments

  • Within the body itself
  • Body and Breath
  • Body and Mind
  • Body , mind and heart

All energy is a vibration. Whether it be:

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • intellectual,
  • sexual,
  • spiritual
  • cosmic.

In yogic language all energy is ‘Prana’.  It is the hidden or potential energy in all of us. Our ability to control this energy within us will affect all of our activities.

Prana is often translated as breath. Every yoga posture has its unique breathing pattern. When we practice a variety of postures – the prana or energy is directed to different parts of our being. This does not usually happen in daily activities.

The breath then is a mode of transport for energy and our yoga practice increases our overall energy.

Pranayama is one of the means of generating and moving energy. This practice requires a sensitivity to feel the breath. It is highly encouraged to prepare the body well for this practice by orienting the body so that the seat of energy, the chest and thoracic region are well open and charged with breath.

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