In the meantime I am sharing one of my favorite poems about Summer.

It was written by Tom Ryan, Thank you!


Summer by Tom Ryan

It can happen in any season

But the heart has a better chance

Of opening to life

in the summer.

When the clothes come off

And we’re down to hairy legs

and halter tops.

That expansive

throw-back-your head- and-laugh

Response to life

 in the face of all that still sits

In the sink

or on the desk

Is more effectively coaxed

 from the heart

In the season of boat rides and backyard barbeques.

The deep-belly conviction

 that the world will be kind to us

 floats up more easily

In the longer warmer light of summer,

In the street musician’s free concert by the curb

And in the exploding fireworks against a starry sky.

The discovery of the leisurely, relaxed step

And the comfort of friendly words with neighbors

Comes with turning over garden dirt,

Watering the flowers and tomatoes,

Sharing tomatoes, sharing apples, cucumbers and corn on the cob.

It could happen in November or December,

But the opening of the heart to life

Is give broader berth amidst rocky road and sticky skin

With the music floating out the window

And the children catching fireflies in the yard.