We Practice Iyengar Yoga!


What happens in Iyengar Yoga Classes?

All our yoga classes are 90 minutes in length and no two classes are identical.

There is a theme each week. The theme and considering the level of the students leads to a class that contains a combination of some or all of the following types of poses:

Supine poses to develop Breath awareness and deep relaxation.

Standing poses to increase mobility, strength and stamina

Back extensions keep the spine youthful and lift our spirits.

Forward bends and twists to increase health of spine and organic body

Inverted poses for circulation and stress reduction

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga is considered the most practiced form of yoga in the world.

It emphasizes tradition over trends – focusing on purity of pose and ongoing learning.

Iyengar can be practiced by everyone but is most appreciated by those who value a disciplined and structured approach to yoga.